Knauf Insulation

As a global player and part of an international operating family company, Knauf Insulation can now look back at more than 30 years of company history. Since the founding of Knauf Fiber Glass in Shelbyville (USA) in 1978, the company is achieving annual sales of 1.6 billion Euros. Today Knauf Insulation has over 5,500 employees in more than 35 countries with more than 40 production plants in 15 countries. Knauf Insulation provides a range of insulation products to suit local construction methods and proven solutions to provide comfort and energy efficiency in buildings. The range of insulation materials are designed and manufactured by insulation experts in the UAE. The product range includes acoustic insulation, ceiling insulation, facade insulation, cavity wall insulation, steel structure insulation, factory insulation, soffit insulation, duct wrap, duct liner and pipe insulation. With continual advancements in regulations for energy efficiency, acoustic performance, fire resistance and sustainable building materials, Knauf Insulation are constantly enhancing their product range.

Knauf Insulation mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology offers superior handling. The natural brown colour represents a level of sustainability never achieved before:

  • Manufactured from naturally occurring and/or recycled raw materials, and bonded using a bio-based technology which is free from phenols, acrylics and with no added formaldehyde, artificial colours, bleach or dyes.
  • Contributes to improved indoor air quality compared to our conventional mineral wool.
  • Reduces impact on environment through lower embodied energy.
  • Reduces pollutant manufacturing emissions and workplace exposures.
  • Improves the overall sustainability of buildings in which they are incorporated.
  • Cost competitive with traditional mineral wool.

Thermal insulation properties, fire resistance, fire classification, acoustical insulation, sound absorption and mechanical properties as well as the high levels of recycled content are maintained, with improved product durability.

Featured Products:

  • Glasswool Insulation Products
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Flexible Air Duct Insulation
  • Ceiling Insulation